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Is SEO still relevant in 2022 ?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic to a website from search engines.

Ranking high in search engines aids your website in getting discovered when keywords are searched related to your industry, brand or product.

In short, it improves your websites position in organic search results. This is an effective tool to increase traffic to your website, leading to conversion of potential customers.

SEO has proved to be the most persuasive digital marketing tool that sows the seeds of effective marketing only to be reaped in the long run.

Let us see why Search Engine Optimization is important in marketing

Importance of SEO in marketing

SEO is an amalgamation of various elements such as Optimized content, Social media, Keywords, Tags, etc. With little effort, SEO can be very effective.

  • SEO increases organic search engine traffic towards your website.

  • People trust what they see more. SEO enables your website to pop at the top of search results, and this creates trust in the minds of the people.

  • SEO only results in growth of your brand, revenue, etc.

Is SEO relevant in 2022?

SEO has evolved over the years and it is much more than just viable content. In case you were wondering if SEO is still relevant today, the answer is YES; it sure is.

The SEO methods that have been effective in the past, will not do today. Ever since the pandemic, SEO has proven to be an essential tool when companies are more dependent on their websites to make sales.

SEO is still important as it is the most scalable and cost efficient investment for online marketing.

#1- Getting Found

No matter how good and useful your content is, the website cannot be found on its own. SEO helps users to find what they are looking for through keywords. Through effective utilization of SEO strategies, there is a good chance of your website being found among the multiple search results.

#2- Keywords are still relevant

Keywords are still necessary for gaining a good ranking in Organic search. However, proper usage is imperative. Search engines have unique algorithms that filter websites with proper SEO content for users viewing. Better usage of keywords will lead to better traffic, along with optimized and great content.

Using keyword search tools such as KeywordTool, SEMrush, etc. will help your content be optimized as per SEO guidelines to amp up your websites traffic. When there is good traffic, there is a good chance of conversion of prospective viewers.

#3- SEO never ends

SEO helps your brand to harness the websites untapped opportunities and makes the most of its potential. It is required for SEO oriented websites to keep improving, enhancing and updating their content to keep up with the changing trends and environment. Even in 2022, having a well structured, SEO supported content has never been more important.

#4- Future Proof

With timely SEO updates, your webpage can have priority on search engines for a long period of time. With the rise of AI- Artificial Intelligence technology, there are more chances to be found organically.

#5- Google

Google is undoubtedly the most powerful search engine, people trust Google to find anything under the sun.

Google keeps updating its algorithm and it prefers websites that are search engine optimized, and are using different channels for marketing. This not only helps in increase in traffic to the website, but also helps propagate your message to a larger audience through different platforms.

#6- Reach

SEO is a form of inbound marketing technique that attracts customers while they are browsing, rather than interrupting them with pushy sales tactics.

Using long tail words along with descriptive keywords have broadened the reach of audiences through SEO. Using different question based, comparing words and descriptive words in the content drives more traffic and solidifies your authority on a topic against the competition.


Some SEO methods may have become obsolete over the years, but even now in the year 2022 we find that SEO is still playing a major role in helping websites be more visible.

Content that is better suited and tailored for your prospective audience and properly optimized using SEO tools will not only create high traffic, but also expand reach and boost the websites authority online.

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