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Social Media Marketing- Paid Vs Organic

Paid v/s Organic Social Media Marketing & How to integrate them for a Marketing Strategy?

Paid and organic social media marketing are not that different; both aim to reap the same benefit through slightly different channels.

Let us first understand them separately, their strengths, compare them and understand how to integrate both the paid and the organic social media marketing to reach the desired goal.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Any social media marketing activity done without any paid promotions is called organic social media marketing. Free social media tools are used to engage online following. This is no doubt an effective and efficient mode of marketing.

Organic social media marketing is adopting strategies that generate traffic over a period of time, with the use of tools such as blog posts, unpaid tweets, Facebook updates, etc.

Organic marketing utilizes SEO- search engine optimization and SMM- social media marketing among other channels to create brand awareness.

Every business today has taken up organic social media marketing. Not only is it free of cost, but it also is a key agent in gathering followers through popular social media platforms. Organic marketing enables the businesses to nurture its connection with a wide range of audience.

Benefits of Organic Social Media Marketing

#1- It is free

Organic promotions are free of cost. All you need is strong content, some creativity and consistency and you’re good to go.

#2- Understand Customers

Organic marketing paves way for interaction, this allows promoters to understand the customer behaviors.

#3- Builds Community

Organic marketing is effective on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Here it is possible to build a large community of like minded people who share the values of your brand.

#4- Boosts Credibility

When SEO is guiding your content, there are high chances of your website to pop up on top of the search engine results, this increases the credibility of the brand.

#5- impressive ROI

Organic marketing is free. With the help of strategies like SEO, there are chances of immediate conversion, thus there is increased return on investment.

#6- Increases Traffic

The scope of organic social media marketing is quite vast. Content can be posted on different platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. by posting your marketing content on these free platforms that have huge subscribers. There are good chances of increased traffic to your website and more conversions.

#7- Created More Noise

As mentioned above, there are many social media platforms through which effective marketing can be done free of cost. Posting on several platforms creates more noise for the brand.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media marketing is a method of advertising or sharing sponsored marketing messages on social media platforms and targeting a specific target audience.

Some examples of paid social media marketing are, influencer marketing, pay-per-click advertising, display ads, etc.

Here brands pay Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to have their content shared with a specific audience.

With more and more people joining social media and spending so much time on it, companies need to harness this marketing tool to the best of their benefit.

Investing in paid social media marketing methods is a great way to advertise brands to prospective customers while they are browsing, creating instant conversion.

Benefits of Paid Social Media Marketing

#1- Better Connection

Paid promotional activities enable brands to break through algorithms; this allows the brand to have better connection with its customers.

#2- Instant Conversion

As paid promotion targets the probable customers directly, there is more chance of instant conversion.

#3- SEO

With the help of SEO- search engine optimization strategies marketers can target particular popular keywords and direct their promotions towards them; this helps increases traffic.

#4- Good ROI

Paid promotions can create good return on investments. Hence, brands invest in paid promotions with Google ads, Facebook Ads, Quora, etc.

#5- Not Very Costly

Paid Social Media Promotions are not very costly as compared to traditional methods of marketing.

#6- Create Brand Image

With paid promotion, good brand imaging can be created in the minds of the people.

How to integrate Paid Social Media Marketing and Paid Social Media Marketing

Both paid and organic promotions have unique features of their own. A business may prefer one over the other. But, a rational combination of the two marketing practices will promise fruitful results.

A powerful and effective social media marketing will be the result of both organic as well as paid social media marketing techniques.

Where organic marketing has a broader reach, paid promotions are more effective in conversion. Promotional videos, ads, content through organic social media marketing will boost reach and increase brand awareness, and by posting ads where the prospective customer is browsing creates opportunity for conversion. Playing with a balance of the two can help reach organizational goals.

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