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8 Effective tips to build a brand

8 Effective Tips to Build a Brand

Branding is not just about logos, colors and recognizability. Branding is the impression and impact a company has on its customers.

Branding provides a company with a strong identity, personality and point of difference which helps it to stand out in a crowd.

A brand is an intangible concept that helps people to recognize a particular company, product or individual.’

Importance of Branding

Creating a distinct brand can establish a vision that can set your company apart from its peers and creates a connection with its audience. Without a brand, you are just another company.

Let us look into the importance of Branding.

#1- A strong brand separates you from the lot and gives your company a strong face.

#2- It builds an emotional connection with its customer, trust, worth and dependence.

#3- People are ready to pay more for a well established brand name, this increases the credibility of the company along with its revenue.

#4- Branding makes the identity of your brand memorable.

How to build a Brand

Branding is the extension of a company’s intangible values. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a brand. Here are some pointers that can help you build your brand.

#1- Clearly identify your Company

A brand needs to not only be catchy and memorable, it also needs to explain what you do. It needs to contain aspects that define your company’s purpose.

The logo, tagline, imagery should reflect your vision and mission.

It is important to keep the branding simple, compact and easy to understand.

#2- Maintain your Brand

Repeated use of your brand logo on marketing materials such as e-mails, posts, etc. increases the brand awareness and the credibility of your company.

#3- Know your Customer

It is imperative to know who your target customers are and what do they expect from your company. Proper marketing strategies need to be adopted to gain their attention.

Sometimes, one message or ad does not suit all. A proper understanding is required of the varied target demographic audience and create proper marketing messages to suit them. This not only establishes a strong relationship with your customer, but also increases brand worth.

#4- Create visual Assets

Once you have ascertained your target audience and the identity of your company, the next step is to create the visual asset or the logo for your brand. This is the color pallet, imagery, typography and other visual aids.

While creating the brand logo for a company, some points need to be considered, like:

  • Use primary colors as the main tones of the logo.

  • The imagery needs to be authentic.

  • Social and religious sentiments should not be offended by the logo.

#5- Commit to the Brand

Your brand is the face of your company. It is important to use it often and stick to it. Brands logos and taglines need to be designed in such a way that they are relevant and not go outdated in ten years. The brand life will exceed that of the companies, it stays embedded in the minds of its audience.

#6- Recognize your USP

A company should understand and embrace its USP- Unique Selling Proposition. This helps you to outrun your competition by marketing it strategically. Your brand should reflect it to make your company stand apart in the crowd.

#7- Strong Online Presence

By creating a well designed website, your brand can establish a strong online presence.

A website is essential for marketing your brand through social media platforms, SEO- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, content marketing, etc. This aids in building brand awareness.

#8- Tone of Voice

It is important to create and maintain a tone of voice for your brand. Every marketing activity should be linked to your brands identity, consistently.

It is important for a brand to create a story that tells the uniqueness of the brand, your social message and your connection with your customers.


Now you understand that there are a lot of emotional and marketing factors that go into creation of a brand and not merely a catchy picture or phrase.

The above pointers will help you develop a successful brand image strategically and also help creating a strong bond with your customers on a long run.

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