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How to grow brand using Instagram

How to grow a brand using Instagram ?

It began as a photo sharing app in 2010, and by 2020 Instagram had taken the world by storm. Today, world over people are turning to Instagram to promote their businesses. Instagram has found a prominent place in the social marketing pyramid, with over two billion active users a month.

What is Instagram growth?

Instagram has tremendous marketing potential, that can help you attract the target audience, drive traffic and boost engagements. This can be possible only if you can assemble a solid community of followers, this is Instagram growth. It is imperative to note, you don’t just want followers, you want prospective followers who are interested in your product or service.

To achieve this you need to

  • Get a good number of views for your frequently posted content.

  • Have more comments, proper interactions, that can attract and convince the followers about your brand.

  • Maintain and spread your reach by linking your post to other social media, vice-versa.

  • Present content strategies that will influence your followers to share your posts.

This is the foundation of your brand’s social media marketing. Here are some tips to expand your business on Instagram.

Tip#1- Post creative content

Make sure that the content posted on your brand Instagram page is creative, engaging and alluring; that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the viewer. The main objective here is to build a relationship and create a community of prospective loyal customers.

Here are some ways you can brighten up your content

  1. Make the caption short yet eye catchy

  2. The video or the picture needs to be of good quality, bright and colourful, that receives an instant like.

  3. Humanise the brand to make people feel connected to it on a personal level.

  4. Explain and show how your brand is better, unique, different or easy to use.

  5. Make reels about the brands utility.

  6. Have flash sales or giveaways to attract traffic.

Tip#2- Be relevant and frequent

A brand needs to be aware of the current affairs of the society and how your brand can utilize this for promotion. It could be by supporting a cause, a charity, or being a part of a trending challenge, etc. People tend to deviate towards a brand that they view often. Therefore, maintaining a schedule for posting creative content on Instagram is important. A long absence, can make viewers lose interest in your Instagram page.

Tip#3- Collaborate

Brands collaborating with influencers are a good marketing strategy.

Who are influencers you ask?

An influencer is basically someone who is very popular in a specific industry, whose word effects the purchasing decision of their followers. It is important to find the right influencers with the right knowledge, quality of content, average likes, etc. These influencers have a good enough followers, their endorsement of your brand can divert their follower’s attention towards your brand and increase brand awareness.

Tip#4- Instagram advertising is key

Instagram ads are an important tool to enhance visibility and redirect traffic to make your local business visible. Instagram ads create all rounded campaigns for users at all stages of funnel, this creates brand awareness and aids conversion. The ad creation is a less fussy process, you can post your ads on different platforms as Instagram and Facebook are closely integrated, you can expand your horizon of reach through this medium.

Tip#5- Interaction

To humanatize your brand, it is important to give it a face or voice. You need to make the brand more accessible, real. For this you need to read and reply to comments, visit accounts, leave comments and thank you notes. Getting interactive through live sessions is a great way in bridging the gap between the producer and the consumer. Through this forum you can talk about your business, make announcements, ask questions and talk about the developments happening with the brand and what is to come.

Conclusion : The scope for business growth on Instagram is vast. With proper Social Media Marketing management and a little bit of creativity it is possible to launch, establish and run a successful business over Instagram. The above pointers are a few among the many, but they are sure to enhance your brand’s Instagram page and help grab attention.

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