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Why is my blog not getting enough traffic ?

When you work hard to create a blog that excites you, the only thing that will put you off is, no one reading it.

You need to realize that over a million blogs are being posted every day. For your blog to stand out, you need to sufficiently optimize it. No matter how good your content is, as long as it isn’t marketed properly, it may not attract much traffic.

Gaining readers or attracting traffic for your blog is vital as it has a great impact on your work, business, social media, etc. Bloggers tend to ignore the power of marketing or promoting their work.

Here are various tips, pointers, and ideas that will help you gain traffic to your blog.

1. Write Often

Writing is an art, a hobby. When you have planned to make a living out of it, it is important to be regular at it. Apart from publishing quality content, being regular with your blogging keeps your audience hooked and looking forward to more. A writing schedule should help you keep posting regularly.

When writing, make it a point to keep your writing simple and easy to understand. Sometimes readers get attracted to your style of writing rather than just content.

2. Use Compelling Titles

The title is the ticket to your blog. Make sure your blog title is interesting and catchy which will allure the reader to click on your blog link.

Sometimes, the title is more important than the content. A good title is the summarized phrase that best describes the content or the purpose of your blog.

3. Write Simple

Make sure your blog is written in simple English, for a general audience. Even if you are writing for a target audience, make sure your language is easy to decipher.

People like to read what they instantly understand and don’t need to open a dictionary to find meanings for fancy words.

Write instructions in easy-to-follow steps, with screenshots or imagery aid.

Provide footnotes with definitions and explain intricate words or full forms of abbreviations to make your post more informative.

4. Use SEO Keywords

Search engines keep updating their pages to give users fresh and updated content.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept, but its relevance today is more than ever. SEO is a technique adopted to increase the visibility of your blog in organic search.

It is essential to follow these pointers for a successful blog.

  • Use keyword research tools to find words that need to be included in your post.

  • Read similar blogs.

  • Run a technical SEO audit on your website.

  • Use keywords often in your post.

5. Link your blog to Social Media

Linking your blog with all your social media platforms is sure to increase traffic to your blog.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest have proved to be the best platforms for bloggers to share their work and increase traffic. Other platforms that can help you are, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, etc.

Tag relevant people and friends to increase sharability, tags and hashtags help users find what they are looking for. Incorporate these in your blog and you will have more traffic in no time.

6. Make it attractive

Visual aid is known to leave a lasting impression on the readers. Make your blog attractive, and appealing to attract readers, often.


Photos, images, and graphs make your monochromatic article more colorful and cheerful. Add an Alt image tag on the photos to boost SEO.

Get creative and make your images to keep your work authentic and away from violation of copyrights. You can also get royalty-free images from sites such as Clipart and Shutterstock, etc.


Breaking the article with headings helps the reader to easily skim through the article and find what they need, use keywords in attractive phrases your headings.

7. Videos

Google is the most popular search engine out there. It is also the parent company of YouTube. Create videos based on your blog content and add the video or its link to your post.

This will not only gain dual traffic to your blog but also allow you to better express your content through a video.

Adding a video to your blog makes your blog multifaceted, vibrant, and engaging. Attractive video content is more likely to be shared.

8. Incorporate Links

If you are referring to a certain website, product, or service in your blog, it is better to add its link. Google approves of sites with outbound links and also the company whose link you shared may link you back, leading to increase in traffic. Providing links will make it easier for the reader to find what they are looking for.

9. Know your Niche

‘A writer is a world trapped in a person.’

As a blogger, you may be yearning to write about a variety of topics, this may confuse your audience.

Know your niche and write about what excites you the most. Choose the genre that you are passionate about and stick to it. This will get you a loyal target audience that shares your passion, or simply loves reading about it.

10. Repost old content

Sometimes, your old content may not have reached as many audiences as you have today. There is nothing wrong with reposting your past content or sharing them on your social media platforms.

11. Giveaways and Donations

Announcing deals such as giveaways and prizes on your blog, or redirecting the audience from Instagram and telegram to your blog through promotional tactics is a great way to attract traffic.

Create a donation drive and invite companies to sponsor these events, encourage your audience to donate, such events will create positive traffic.

12. Ask for Subscription

Do not shy away from subscription appeal. Having a list of subscribers is an asset for both the subscriber and the blogger.

The subscriber gets ready content e-mailed to them timely, so they always have something to read about.

Maintaining subscribers through active interactions will influence your subscribers to stick around and share your content, therefore increasing traffic to your blog.

13. Invite Comments

Actively engaging with your readers is important to maintain an audience and get feedback about your work. Both critical, as well as constructive criticism, should be accepted in good stride, to deliver better content.


Always enjoy what you do, as it impacts the quality of your work. The above-explained tips will surely help you design your blog better. Consistency in delivering meaningful content is key to creating, maintaining, and increasing traffic to your blog.

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